The West Kempsey Hotel is currently owned by Tim Smith and Tammy Hancock who were born and bred in Kempsey.

The West Kempsey Hotel is Kempsey’s oldest hotel! The licence has been held continuously since 1866.

It is a landmark in West Kempsey and was once surrounded by enough land to graze and stable horses and buggies. Cattle sales were also held there. The boundary of the property originally extended to Marsh Street.

The hotel once had twenty eight rooms boasting large dining rooms, kitchen and cellar. The building was subjected to extensive renovations in 1925-26. There have been later changes but the sandstock brick is still in evidence and the fireplace in the lounge bar suggests that this may have been part of the original kitchen.

The Hotel has a heritage listing under the Regional Environment Protection Plan.

A slim banner of a beer being pulled.